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queen-of-all-londinium replied to your post: Things that are in my Drafts:  drabble pictures…

You are a blogging success no matter what you post. Although, some drabbles every now and again would be nice. BUT no pressure intended :)

“‘Some drabbles’, eh?! Some drabbles?” She huffed out a breath in frustration. “How can I just write ‘some drabbles’. I’m not a machine!”

"Calm down, Elizabeth. You’re being crazy again." She turned to glare at him, eyes narrowing and mouth tight.

"I’m being crazy am I, David? I’ll show you crazy!" She tossed the keyboard aside and lunged at him, pushing into the couch and tickling his ribs. "Crazy! HA! Says the man with 3 different t-shirts! Shouldn’t famous people have bigger wardrobes?"

He laughed, grabbing at her hands to stop the tickling. Pulling her down he kissed her into silence. “It’s not my fault you keep stealing all my shirts.”

      Dear Anon-who-very-very-much-wants-more-Professor-Matt-Smith-drabble,

      I get it, and I will totally write you something the next time I’m in a writing mood (and have the free time). Until then please enjoy this hideous and ridiculous gif I made: 

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            i tend to take my two favorite people and ship them. and they turn out fucking amazing

            *takes a bow*


                I like to swear, I do it all the time when I’m talking to myself. I love saying “fuck” and “cunt” and “bitch” and “goddamn fuck you motherfucker I will destroy everything you love!” I mostly say that last one when I’m driving.

                  I WILL NOT POST SPOILERS.

                  Unless they are under a read more and clearly marked spoilers in the tags.

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                    Ohhh. We’re the same age! Welllll at least we will be for 17 more days.

                    NOW I KNOW YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I AM GOING TO MAKE A GRAPHIC FOR IT! Do you ever feel old on Tumblr? Because I do sometimes.


                      Where’s Elizabeth? Where’s Cat? Elissa? Tofu? Jilly?


                      I miss them.

                      I am here. (Tofu is gone forever though.)


rainingqueen asked: Hugh Laurie or David Tennant


                        rainingqueen asked: Hugh Laurie or David Tennant

                            leave me a letter in my askbox and i’ll give you my funniest tag starting with that letter.


                            OH MAN THIS COULD BE FUN

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                              Hey guys remember when I made these?


                              yeah neither do I.