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      the firefly alphabet
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        I love Kaylee. I will forever love Kaylee. This. This right here? She’s in her cake dress, looking fab. What is she doing? She’s talking business. It makes you wonder how the conversation started. She was probably oogling the buffet table and heard the conversation about the 80-04 and just had to interject. Now everyone in that area are listening, respecting the 20something girl in a pink dress talk about mechanics and they KNOW she is competent. The way the older gentleman tells the young man to wait. She doesn’t seemed bothered that she might have to wait to dance. She’s in her element, talking about ships.

        … Apparently I have a lot of Kaylee feelings today. OH WELL.

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Inara by martinacecilia

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                        Firefly | This is the entire show in one perfect sentence.

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                            Comic Con - Firefly 10yr Reunion