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      fassy gifs go go go


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          His stubble is sharp and oh so good against your inner thigh as he licks and nuzzles his way back up your body. Hot lips press kisses over your navel, leaving chills in their wake. His hard body settles warm over yours and his kiss tastes like sex and the coffee he drank earlier. It’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. 

            For Dani because Fassy.

            For Dani because Fassy.

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              no no no why eliza why

                hanniballecters asked "Supernatural!"

                favourite canon ship: dean/cas jk Becky/Chuck

                one true pairing: Dean/Cas

                the “so wrong on so many levels, but who the fuck cares” ship: Sam/Lucifer

                everyone else loves it but I dont feel it ship: Crowley/Anyone

                if theyre gonna happen Ill stab my eyes out with a fork ship: Dean/Anyone NOT Cas

                makes no sense but why the hell not ship: Sam/Gabriel 

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                  eliza stop omg youre going to kill me

                  Oh Dani.

                  Oh no.

                  We’re just getting started. I’ve got a folder Dani. A folder. And they’re all high def beauties I’ve stolen off the internet.